The purpose of this Centre is to allow the children free expression within a safe environment in order to make sense of their world. Children are able to express themselves through play and are not required to talk about their feelings unless they choose to. The goal is that children learn new ways of understanding their worlds and come up with better and more creative strategies on how to resolve problems and to heal.

The play that we use, is with puppets, sand tray (with miniatures), doll houses, dress up, drawing etc.


There is nothing better than total immersion in a live workshop where you get to experience your personal breakthrough and share it with a friend, partner or even a like-minded complete stranger who is on a similar journey. The intensity and energy of a live event is not to be missed. So come laugh, cry, face your fear, get clear about what you really want in life and leave with strategies and plan’s to make it a reality.


 Unlike the title suggests, Sand Tray Play is not only aimed at children but can be a very healing experience for adults too. It is interesting to see what adults express through the use of the miniatures and placement of objects and the story that it tells. Clients are not forced to sit one-on-one talking about an issue but rather express it and work through the issue/challenge.


Creating a thriving company or business needs a deeper and more comprehensive dive into organisational health and business mastery concepts.


Sometimes we were never given a space to express ourselves due to various circumstances in adolescence and later on. You go through life on a perpetual treadmill and at some point, it may break. Coaching is a phenomenal way to learn practical tools of changing your behaviors and being able to develop and grow further.


Typical client-anyone feeling stuck from a personal, professional or social challenge who is wanting to find out your purpose in life and how to get there. Self-actualization is the goal and you are given the right tools to do so here.


Coaching is the one of the best way’s to accelerate your personal mastery journey to create a lasting change in your life through spaced repetition. As your personal coaches we work directly with you to:

    • Find your purpose and design your extraordinary life
    • Achieve your personal, professional and spiritual goals
    • Get over yourself (that’s normally the biggest reason people don’t change)
    • Build personal and professional resilience.